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The Misty Valley:  Fire, Flood, Covid & Serenity

Hamish Dunlop interviews Deborah Wells in the Blackheath Campbell Rhododendron Gardens. She shares how a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers have created a community space that is a haven for all species, and how they've helped it recover from drought, fire, flood and pandemic.

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Our Water Sensitive City

Blue Mountains waterways are some of the most beautiful, iconic and highly valued in Australia. They also supply drinking water to over five million people. ​​What is Council doing to protect our waterways? Find out here.

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Experience Japan in Blackheath with Harumi

  In March this year, Japanese journalist Harumi Hayakawa wrote a piece for the Japanese publication Asahi Weekly in which she explained why the terrifying Australian fires of December 2019 actually made her like the Blue Mountains even more.     In her article she described the many ways the community came together during and after the fires and how, …

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Worm Towers Feeding Veggie Gardens

To grow a long-term productive and abundant veggie garden you need to make sure your soil is rich and alive and continually fed and replenished. This supports plant growth and allows for repeated cropping within a healthy ecosystem. One way to do this is to encourage more worms to be part of that system. Charles Darwin said: “It may be …

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