Heads Up For Fire

Heads Up For Fire
The Heads Up For Fire (HUFF) project is a Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre project that aims to ensure the wellbeing of people within the upper Blue Mountains in the event of bushfires or other emergencies. HUFF facilitators are people who volunteer their time to get to know their neighbours and share information with them about preparing for an emergency.

 HUFF aims to ensure the well-being of people within the communities of Blackheath, Medlow Bath and Mt Victoria in the event of bushfires and other extreme weather events. Residents in the upper Blue Mountains are encouraged to participate at a neighbourhood level to actively reduce risk and manage threats to their safety prior to an emergency event. Read our HUFF Project. 2020-21 Community Survey Write-Up HERE
How Does it Work?
The basic aim of HUFF is to encourage neighbours to get to know one another so that people feel more connected and better prepared for emergencies. Ideally, each street would have a volunteer HUFF Facilitator, who is willing to facilitate informal connections with neighbours and act as a conduit of information prior to and during an event. 

Phone BANC on 4787 7770 and ask for the HUFF coordinator.

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