The ‘Heathens’ Choir

The ‘Heathens’ Choir
What do you call someone who sings in Blackheath? A Heathen of course! We are an inclusive and welcoming choir to all comers, from novices to experienced singers. If you love music but think you can't sing, we don't believe you. Our aim is to get the best possible musical result out of enjoyable rehearsals. In non-pandemic years we perform throughout the year at concerts, local festivals & community events.

Our name, The Heathens, is an oblique reference to where we sing (Blackheath), not an expression of our spiritual predilections. We are of no creed and every creed. Imagine all the people living life in peace.

Chris Wheeler at 4787 5725 or 0408 276 436
Meeting Times
Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm during school terms.

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