Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society

Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society
The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens are unique in the world – no other garden has attempted to plant exotics underneath their existing native bush on such a large scale. The gardens have a series of nature walks leading to the valley floor and the lake, with limited disabled access – most of the paths from the Lodge are bitumen, as is the service road through the valley. The rest, including all the paths on the far side of the valley, are in a natural state and have a varying number of steps to be negotiated.nn

The Blue Mountains Nurserymen’s Association fostered the inaugural meeting of the Blue Mountains Rhododendron Society, held on the 2 April 1969. Within five months the Society had decided to establish a Rhododendron Garden, with seven areas of Crown Land between Springwood and Mount Wilson being considered and thoroughly investigated. On the 13 March, 1970, due to the untiring efforts and support of the Member for the Blue Mountains at that time, Ald. H.G. Coates M.L.A. and the supportive interest of the Hon. T.L. Lewis M.L.A., Minister for Lands, land in Blackheath comprising of 18.5 ha was gazetted for the Society to use and develop as the Blue Mountains Rhododendron Garden.

The Lodge – 02 4787 8965 (leave a message) Lodge attended on Mondays.

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