Blackheath & District Chamber of Commerce & Community

Blackheath & District Chamber of Commerce & Community
If you operate a business within Blackheath whether full time or part time we encourage you to become a member of the Blackheath Chamber of Commerce and contribute to the overall direction and promotion of our local business community. Connect via our FB group Blackheath Business Community

We represent the Blackheath Business Community in communications with local and state politicians.
We liaise with local infrastucture projects such as highway upgrades.
We provide a business to business platform to link the business villages / districts at the Top of the Mountains.
We co-ordinate campaigns to market Blackheath to the wider community.
We enable businesses to share knowledge and provide networking opportunities.
We provide a social business hub through business directories and listings.
We provide opportunities for businesses to get together for information sharing and planning.
We provide the local business community with a forum to comment and respond to issues affecting our community.
We encourage the many diverse businesses from our district to join the chamber so we can be fully representative of the local business community.


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