Local Artist Zoe Fletcher Creates a Colouring Book to Brighten our Winter

During Lockdown the gift of time has been inspiring many to try their hand at art. They’re finding that colouring books are an excellent entry point for doing that because ‘colouring in’ offers an opportunity to play with colour and pattern and work ‘with’ the book artist to complete an artwork flavoured with their own unique creative input.

We all know they’re not just for children.



Now, for anyone keen to have a go, there’s added excitement because one of Blackheath’s own local artists, Zoe Fletcher, has released a colouring book called ‘Wingdom: Frogalik’s Star’. The colouring book was inspired by a picture book called ‘Wingdom’ that Zoe created in 2005. Both the picture book and the colouring book are being printed locally by Springwood Printing.


Zoe Fletcher

Zoe describes herself as “an artist/illustrator and art teacher, psychotherapist, optimist, hypnotherapist, mother and grandmother, humanitarian, writer, meditator, nature lover – and so much more, like us all”.


Her original ‘Wingdom’ picture book was inspired by a love of art and our natural environment, and a respect for nature, animals, insects and birds. The book’s pages are filled with images of wild and domestic cats, feathers and wings of butterflies and dragonflies.



Zoe hopes that in this tumultous time, the colouring book will offer a soothing place of calm because “colouring amazing creatures connects you more deeply with the stunningly beautiful world we are a part of”.


” ‘Frogalik’s Star’ is a story of enchantment, of selflessness, the power of giving and the gift that is rain, and what better lead in a magical story than a frog, as you know what happens in stories when you kiss a frog. Together the Wingers bring Wingdom magic to a dry land of thirsty animals and bless them with even more mysterious magic than they could have ever imagined. With an array of animals from across the globe as you’ve never seen them, a secret flying island, a magical pool, and a big helping of sheer delight, Frogalik’s Star and Colouring Book is just the thing to help get you through the remaining shutdown and the grip of a Blackheath winter.”



The colouring book will be available hot off the press pre-sale from May 5 for $15.  The picture book will be available at the end of May.

Please call Zoe on 0497 766522 to order a copy. (NB. Only 200 of each will be available.)




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